CISO as a Service – The logical choice for cyber Security.

Through a single core technical advisory manager VDA provides a comprehensive portfolio of security services, advisory services, security testing to defend against the breaches and various threats. Ensuring the security of confidential business data including your customer’s sensitive personal and financial details requires constant attention. And though not every business demands the full-time commitment of an executive to oversee this function, small- to mid-sized businesses do need the same level of security and intelligence already in place at larger corporations.

Cloud data security

That’s where VDA step in. We can protect your organization at the same level you would expect from a full-time chief information security officer through our Virtual CISO service without the steep investment of executive compensation and their associated benefits package. Work in collaboration with an advanced CISO professional able to maintain a relationship with your team and become familiar with both your environment and industry so you stay on top of constantly evolving threats and regulations.

Chief information security officer, or a virtual CISO, is a professional who works routinely with organizations to provide all of the essential cyber security support one would expect from an in-house senior executive within a more efficient and affordable service model. This helps organization gain day-to-day cyber security support and counsel from a dedicated industry experienced CISO along with long-term security strategy, vision, program and policy design, and implementation.
CISO conduct a comprehensive assessment of a company’s security posture to pinpoint weaknesses and optimize their security standing over the long-term. Acting either as a long-standing resource for your team or as interim CISO, a virtual CISO will step in to establish security standards, implement controls, and respond rapidly to incidents—continually refining your approach to address the dynamic threat landscape along with industry best practices and regulations.

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