Data Security

Data Security

The world has become highly interconnected, with important real-time data & information being at our fingertips. Even organizations have started BYOD with the deployment of a private cloud setup.

Along with agility & convenience brought about with these practices, there has been a rise in the number of data security breaches & threats. These pose a threat not only to the data itself, but also to the reputation of companies that own & manage this data.

VDA offers a wide range of security solutions for cloud computing & enterprise data security, through partnerships with world-class security providers such as RSA & Symantec. We provide customized security solutions for all types of organizations.


We believe that network security within an organization involves not just the technology alone, but also the people & processes involved. Hence, we focus on bringing together all 3 – the technology, the people & the process – to strengthen the data security of the organization as a whole.

Our data security solutions include: