Data Storage Solutions

Data has become a key asset in modern times. Customers rely heavily on modern data storage subsystems with enterprise-class features and functionalities for data storage.
There are primarily 2 types of data: structured and unstructured. Based on the type of data, various types of storage technologies like SAN (block), NAS (file) and Cloud (Object) storage are used.

Data Storage Solutions

Customers expect robust storage solutions with high data availability, capacity and performance. Since data needs to be available 24×7, these solutions involve complex planning and deep-dive into the technical requirements of customers, also taking into consideration RCO & ROI. Different customers have different expectations from solutions based on their business model.
VDA had been offering storage solutions since its inception, which include solutions from Dell technologies (Erstwhile EMC) and IBM. VDA proposes solutions based on the requirements of customers. The company also has the required skills to not only sell, but also to deploy these solutions at the premises of customers. VDA has OEM-certified resources who can carry out complex migrations from old storage to new storage technology.

With a team of well-trained and experienced facility management professionals, VDA helps companies adopt the best business practices in the industry.

VDA has been successfully carrying out large storage projects for different verticals including but not limited to BFSI, Healthcare, NBFC, Manufacturing and Telecom.

Many of these projects include professional services from VDA which includes

VDA is a Titanium Delivery Partner for all the midrange storage solutions from DELL technologies and can provide residency services for the entire storage portfolio of DELL. VDA always believes in consultancy based approach and partnering with VDA, customers are guaranteed to have best of the storage products and services at their hand.


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