Why Data Protection?

Identity theft, phishing, hacking, fraudulent activities… These are always making headlines off late. Virtualization has so many benefits, but what about data security? How will you save customer & company data from fraudsters?

Almost 2 in 5 organizations suffer from unplanned outages resulting in the loss of critical data, thus making them unavailable to end users. This can result in economic setbacks, as well as tarnish the organization’s reputation.

What’s more, such an outage can result from hardware or software failure, data corruption, security breaches or backup defects. However, VDA can prevent such outages by providing robust data backup software solutions that will ensure that your organization delivers 100% uptime at all times.

VDA has you covered with a comprehensive suite of data protection services.

Through its partnership with world leaders like IBM, VDA offers data protection and data storage backup solutions for all types of organizations.

Data encryption solution
Data protection solutions

Data Protection Services

VDA protects your core applications through techniques like mirroring and snapshot across multiple environments – cloud, virtual and physical.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

VDA offers backup of IT infrastructure and business operations to speed up the recovery time and make business critical applications available throughout.

Data Storage Backup Solutions

VDA offers managed storage capacity solutions that ensure the availability of your data in a secure storage environment with enhanced stability.

Data Backup Software Solutions

VDA helps organizations not only protect data, but also build backups for servers and migrate all types of data efficiently. We provide the most comprehensive, flexible & cost-effective data backup solutions in the industry.

With VDA data backup solutions, your organization will have shorter data recovery times, better infrastructure & operational costs, and thus be able to focus on capitalizing on growth opportunities instead of worrying about data security & backup. In a nutshell, better data security & assured backup means better virtualization, ease of scalability, better accessibility, increased cost-effectiveness and higher customer satisfaction. For the most reliable customized data protection, backup & recovery solutions in the industry, book a discovery call with us today!


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