Cloud Technology

Progressive organizations are rapidly moving to the cloud. The cloud has become a virtual technology whose importance cannot be overlooked. The adoption of cloud-based solutions offers the following benefits to organizations:
In short, cloud technology ensures higher productivity & innovation, which gives companies higher competitive advantage.

Why VDA Cloud Technology Solutions?

The first & foremost challenge faced by organizations wanting to move to the cloud is knowing what to want & expect from cloud deployment.

VDA is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible, powered by the best cloud computing technology.

Pivotal Software on a Tight Budget

SaaS & cloud computing services offered by VDA are far more cost efficient & easy to deploy as compared to other software needed to support business growth.

VDA’s SaaS & cloud computing services have lower upfront costs, as well as offer seamless upgrades & easy integration into your existing systems.

We also offer subscription-based services that manage all updates & patches, as well as make the learning curve less steep.

Is Your Organization Cloud Ready?

VDA has a team of highly experienced consultants. They will work very closely with your organization to analyze, plan & execute the right cloud setup that is suitable for your business. What’s more, they will ensure a step-by-step smooth transition.

Are You Looking for an Agile Business Model that Drives Innovation?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions from VDA enable organisations to continuously deliver new applications and features by shifting away the onus of managing and maintaining a robust computing platform. This allows enterprises to speed up their time to market and makes them highly agile in the competitive landscape. With VDA, organizations can compete efficiently in breakneck markets and enhance customer relationships by instantly acknowledging their needs.

Looking to Increase the Scalability of your IT Environment while Saving Money & Time?

VDA – Cloud service providers in different locations all over India focus on less upfront costs, increased performance and accelerated business growth.

The IaaS solutions from VDA allow organizations to scale up or scale down their resources to meet their changing business requirements with minimal impact on costs. This improved scalability, coupled with the pay-as-you-go pricing model from VDA, will transform your data center into a virtualized environment that nurtures innovation and growth.


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