Virtualization implies the creation of a virtual version of something – in this case, a server, Operating System (OS), network resources, or storage device. In case of companies & businesses, it involves the creation of a virtual system using the software that enables hardware functionality.

Thus, virtualization enables administrators & other users, even customers, to access relevant data & resources from across the enterprise from any place & at any time.


Virtualization is the answer to some of the most common challenges faced by new-age CIOs & IT managers. These include:

Virtualization enables skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to address these challenges.

Virtualization services offered by VDA:

Server Virtualization: This is the process of creating a number of isolated/unique servers from a single server with the help of a software application. Each of these virtual servers can independently run their own operating systems.

VDA offers OS-level virtualization, full-virtualization and para-virtualization services.

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Storage Virtualization

Too much data scattered across to many devices? With VDA’s storage virtualization services, all of your physically stored data from multiple devices can be pooled either into a single storage device, or a storage capacity that can be managed & accessed from a central console. The popularity of storage virtualization is increasing as it facilitates easy backup, recovery & archiving of data in lesser time. In short, storage virtualization helps do away with the complexity of data management with the Storage Area Network (SAN) by aggregating functions.

Network Virtualization

Looking to reduce network provisioning time from weeks to minutes? Do you envision boosting your operational efficiency by automating all or most manual processes? The answer to achieving these efficiencies is moving your workloads from physical topologies to a virtual server(s). VDA’s network virtualization services have helped numerous organizations ensure energy & cost savings, efficient usage of resources, simple data backup, recovery & replication, fault & threat isolation, to name a few.

Desktop Virtualization

VDA’s desktop virtualization solutions enable IT managers & staff to access data from their mobile & other portable devices from remote client locations, or their homes in case of a work from home environment. This facilitates ease of real-time decision making at your fingertips! VDA offers the most secure, simple & stable desktop virtualization that is agile, flexible and less labor intensive. Our happy customers from India & around the world are a testament! Till date, VDA has delivered over 500 successful virtualization projects, and managed many thousands of virtual machines. We have also been awarded “Rookie of the Year 2011” by VMare.

VDA’s End-to-End Virtualization Services include:
  • Server Consolidation – Increase IT productivity and remove any server sprawl by setting up systems into virtual machines.
  • Test and Development – Improve storage and resource allocation with rapid provision and re-provision test and development servers; store libraries of pre-configured test machines.
  • Enterprise Desktop – Secure unmanaged PCs. Alternatively, provide standardized enterprise desktop environments hosted on servers.
  • Business Continuity – Reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity by encapsulating entire systems files that can be replicated and restored onto any target server Infrastructure.
  • Provisioning – Reduce the time for provisioning new infrastructure to minutes with sophisticated automation capabilities.
  • Legacy Application Re-hosting – Migrate legacy operating systems and software applications to virtual machines running on new hardware, better reliability.

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