VDA is committed to offering your world-class IT services tailored to suit your business needs, and, at the same time, ensure that your transition into digitalization is as smooth as possible, meticulous, and with lower downtime.

VDA’s IT consulting services encompass:

IT consulting

Our comprehensive portfolio of consulting services can be categorized as follows:

Technology Strategy & Advisory Services

Information technology has moved past being a back-office expense to the strongest business enabler in an organization. CIOs and CTOs today believe that IT has the power to support the core business strategies and deliver increased agility, flexibility, reduced risk quotient and enhanced service levels to the business landscape.

VDA offers a robust portfolio of technical consulting services across different areas of IT infrastructure and management. We have an expert team of consultants with in-depth industry knowledge and an array of tools to assess, as well as build a strong IT roadmap for your organization.

We offer:

Moving to the cloud is important for your business.However, every organization is different and workloads vary in terms of strategic importance and business impact. At VDA, we help you adopt cloud through a customized strategy that ensures cost savings, revenue growth and enhanced performance.

Our cloud consulting framework is an agile approach that offers a holistic solution for all business needs.

Our Consultation Workflow:

Recognize opportunities for growth through cloud adoption
Evaluate the IT strategy of the organization and fine-tune the processes required to maximize successful cloud adoption.
Analyze and prioritize existing workloads based on business goals like security, criticality and costs.
Determine the cloud service delivery approach in terms of methodology and size.
Plan the final design and migration strategy.
Evaluate the impact of the new technology on the business as well as the people.
Determine the cloud service delivery approach in terms of methodology and size.
With this unique framework, VDA provides customized action plans across various industry taking into account investment optimization goals of organizations. This sets us apart from other technology consulting companies.

Enterprise Data Management

The amount of data being generated by various enterprises is growing at a rapid rate, and the importance of efficient data management & protection is increasing rapidly as a result.

Not only does your data need to be more secure, but also available & accessible on demand to different levels of management from multiple devices & locations.

Here, VDA will guide you every step of the way to set up a highly efficient & secure data management system with easy scalability, as well as backup & recovery options.

Enterprise Data Management

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