IT Infrastructure Transformation

Are the existing technologies you’ve implemented in your business supporting your business objectives? 

IT transformation is not only limited to technology platforms, but it also encompasses people & processes, taking into consideration the organization as a whole. IT transformation, thus, is a journey that enables rapid business growth with the help of the right technology.

Why should businesses transform IT infrastructure regularly?

  1. To be abreast of latest market trends & customer demands.
  2. Boost ROI from existing investments
    • Better efficiencies
    • Lower operational costs
    • More time efficiency
  3. Frequent change in the complex technology / new trends
    • The need to develop, change and improve organizational culture
    • Introduce social networking, BYOD, and more

VDA Infosolutions can partner with you in this journey of transformation to achieve your desired goals by focusing on all areas of your business & giving you customized IT solutions.


IT Infrastructure Strategy and Planning (IT Infrastructure Blueprint)

The VDA team will first create an IT Infrasturcture Blueprint of your business to highlight:

  • Your company’s IT investments
  • How your existing IT assets are aligned with your long-term business objectives
  • The scalability of your present IT infrastructure is.
VDA understands that business dynamics necessitate a continual assessment of your existing environment vis-a-vis your current business practices, workflow, and current & future business goals.

The VDA team will then conceive and configure an enterprise architecture that provides the flexibility, adaptability, scalability and reliability needed to support a growing business.

Next-Generation Data Centers

Configuring, maintaining and changing Data Center infrastructure can be a nightmare given the dynamic and distributed nature of all the remote touch points, but emerging Software Defined Networking (SDN) tools for network orchestration and virtualization promise to make these operations more efficient.

Why SDN?

SDN is the way forward for enterprises looking to manage dynamic workloads, improve agility & reduce capital expenditure and remain abreast with the growing demand for mobility. SDN proactively supports network configuration management challenges by developing and deploying enterprise-scale networks and applications. With SDN, organizations can:

  1. Implement flexible networks that can be dynamically provisioned.
  2. With SDN, the network can be provisioned in a more organized manner, along with other IT components like servers, storage, and applications.

Designing and implementing SDN with VDA Infosolutions

VDA Infosolutions can design an SDN roadmap for your business by first assessing your existing IT infrastructure layers and align your business objectives to deploy SDN. VDA Infosolutions will also support you in identifying and implementing network automation.

Implementing DevOps framework

VDA Infosolutions will assist you in implementing a strong DevOps framework including principles, methods, practices, and tools. VDA understands that the implementation of DevOps goes beyond just installing a configuration management tool, and our solutions also encompass using a source code repository, streamlined change management and so on.

Network Transformation Services

VDA offers network transformation services as a consulting practice that consists of network design and architecture, implementation, integration and management services.

We offer recommendations on best practices in the industry that ensure improved network reliability, scalability and security in-line with your business goals and IT objectives.

DR Consulting

DR, or disaster recover is inherently complex to deploy & implement, taking into account security compliances & government mandates to satisfy. What’s more, complexities lead to higher costs. These solutions are known to substantially drain the CAPEX budgets of companies. Also, DR plans need to be tested & verified meticulously. However, they come with recovery manuals spanning several pages that may be complex & cumbersome to understand, time consuming, and hence, the risk of errors becomes significantly high.

However, VDA has you covered with a team of experienced & trustworthy advisors who will design & implement a suitable DR strategy for your company.

The process:

The benefits:

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