VDA Values

Professional Quality Services

Increasing Return on Investments by leveraging our expertise, proven process, experience and resources in implementing innovative technology solutions for the client.
Instantly tap into our proven expertise, real-world experience in key technologies like Windows OS, UNIX, Cisco Networking, pSeries, SUN, Itanium, Enterprise Storage Systems, Virtualization and Cloud, Data Protection support for solutions. Our proven experience in cross platform support will establish and sustain improved / peak production status in shortest possible time from Project take-off through the service continuance.
Being an established outsourcing partner, VDA with its vast support network, large pool of certified professionals and real world experience in implementation and sustenance of IT projects; derives utmost level of performance and utilization of the IT Infrastructure.
The Best Industry practices
Implementation of best Industry practices for delivery of services leads to optimization of IT Infrastructure enhancing customer satisfaction & maximization of business productivity. With adaptation of the Right Support Policies the IT Infrastructure Performance and Availability is enhanced.
Aligning business & technology initiatives by a team of experienced Service Process implementers who have a proven methodology and delivery mechanism refined over a period of time. The team works towards effective Planning, Design, Implementation and sustenance of Services, Network and Server Infrastructure.


VDA being an end to end service provider, optimum utilization of resources is achieved with reduced overheads resulting in low cost of operations. With usage of proper tools to analyze root cause for any Service quality misses, VDA is committed to implementation of measures to Improve quality and productivity. Implementation of best industry practices is a growing Market demand where VDA has excellence due to its wide range of Customer and Industry experience. Sharing of Support resources for Multiple Customers further leads to reduced support cost.

Better Control

VDA being a core IT Systems Integration and IT Infrastructure Management organization, VDA always using Innovative ideas to remain focused to improve services quality. VDA does not work on a Subcontracting model for Management of Facilities. VDA has manpower with diversified IT knowledge on rolls for IT Management Services, Technical Consultation and on wide range of IT activities.


VDA has always believed in partnering with its Customers, rather than being a Vendor as a result our Team at any Customer works as an extension of their IT Team. This results in better Customer bonding, having mutual understanding of the site requirements and criticality. VDA has always exhibited flexible approach to all its Customers. We are also open for reduction of resources, once the site stabilizes, over a period of time, if a fixed pattern is observed. VDA can work towards optimization of resources to handle peak loads and handle commercials accordingly.


In keeping with the critical nature of the support being rendered in some cases, the safety of the client information becomes a prime responsibility. In this regard there is a NDA signed with the client to assure our dedication and commitment for preserving the same.