System Integration


So many new technological trends! Wondering which ones suit your business needs?

The adoption of newer technologies ensures expansion of capabilities, higher returns as compared to existing IT investments and a more efficient approach to day-to-day business processes, thus ensuring long-term success.

At VDA, we understand that system integration goes well beyond being a mere technical process. It has a strong impact on core business as well as on the people involved with the business. With highly valued partnership and proven expertise, VDA has a successful track record of implementing system design solutions & integration capabilities across various sectors. VDA has become the most trusted partner for ensuring higher competitive advantage to companies across various industries.

Building Powerful Integrated Solutions

For a holistic and seamless expansion of your current IT setup, VDA works closely with your teams to evaluate existing systems, locate problems or gaps, and finally build a system integration solution that is futuristic, cost-efficient and best performing.

Server Infrastructure Solutions that Maximize IT Investment & Deliver Higher Performance

More than 50% of organisations suffer from increased costs, server regulatory issues and server sprawl. VDA offers optimized solutions for the consolidation of servers to eliminate business backlogs such as traffic surges, connectivity issues, increased downtime and high overhead costs. By utilizing our complete range of deployment monitoring tools & support services for server consolidation, organisations can benefit  from an enhanced level of application delivery performance.

Storage Consolidation Solutions that Focus on Optimum Security & Performance

Data is an organization’s most important asset. The storage of this data is equally important. 

With the proliferation of mobile technology and Big Data, organizations are generating high amounts of business-critical data governed by redefined technical and legal requirements. Hence, organizations are pushing towards consolidation to keep up with this trend.

VDA’s team of experts start with evaluating your organization’s existing data storage system, and help you move towards integrating the extended capacity, without interrupting performance & efficiency. Every step of the way, our storage specialists will tackle all the issues/challenges that may arise in the process.

Customized Network Design and Implementation Solutions

Network consolidation is the answer to increased agility and enterprise-wide efficiency. Decentralized network solutions hinder ROI by bringing down the overall employee productivity and accountability for all routine operations. VDA offers customized solutions to all types of organisations to ensure higher resilience, increased scalability, lowered costs and network reliability.

Security Consolidation & Optimisation to Capitalise on Current Investments

The prevailing organic approach to implementing security infrastructure has led to fragmentation and inefficiency in several organisations. VDA’s security consolidation solutions focus on eliminating configuration clutter, as well as bringing down the overall cost by cutting down operational expenses, licensing costs and management overheads. From firewall assessments to using a UTM platform, VDA delivers unmatchable business benefits and increased cost savings.

For system integration services tailored to your business needs, book a discovery call with us today!