Deepak Jadhav

Deepak Jadhav


The go-getter and the force binding the team together. To him, VDA is a dream that he is trying to realize. Our basic intention has always been to build this organization on relationships, and Deepak has built some incredible business relationships that have turned into long term friendships over the span of time.

In Deepaks’s mind, VDA’s promise of “Livening Up Systems” is the driving force behind our ultimate goal of delivering value to our customers – which we feel is the heart to any businesses success. This is visible through VDA’s focus on evolving innovation directly for customer benefits – whether by improving their time-to-market, enhancing their predictability and reliability or cutting their costs.

He is firm believer in CSR and is committed to the belief that business organizations have deep social responsibility and that this must be discharged by conducting ethical and fair business, by involvement with community issues and by building an ecologically sustainable business.

Deepak is responsible for the Strategy, Finance & overall functioning of the organization. He plays a crucial role in partner engagement.

Deepak graduated in Electrical Engineering from Karnataka University.

In the year 1987, Deepak started his career with CMS Computers Ltd. as an Engineer and was eventually trusted with the role of Senior General Manager for the organization across the country. He played a very large part in the growth of CMS across the country. Deepak has a very deep experience in the background of Customer Service and is a known name among industry professionals.

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