Dell Emc Vxrail


A fully integrated, preconfigured and tested Hyper Converged Infrastructure system jointly engineered with VMware.

How VxRail transforms your business environment into a single, consistent, and automated infrastructure ecosystem whether implementing cloud solutions, modernizing your data center, or expanding operations at the edge:

Only HCI System Jointly Engineered with VMware

Dell VxRail is the only fully integrated, preconfigured, and tested HCI system jointly engineered with VMware making it the easiest and fastest way to extend your VMware environments.

Automate Operations Everywhere

Enables you to expand your IT landscape with a common operational model to save time, reduce effort, and simplify management across datacenter, edge,
and cloud.

Supporting a Broad Range of Enterprise Workloads

With dense storage, and high-performance computing options, VxRail offers you the flexibility to choose the configuration that is best for your workload needs.

Scale With Your Business

VxRail enables you to scale capacity and performance while simultaneously extending modernization to your edge and cloud environments. Automated deployment and lifecycle management with VCF on VxRail simplifies your path to hybrid cloud.

Embrace Multi-Cloud and Empower Developers

VxRail DevOps-ready platforms support a broad range of validated on-premises container orchestration platforms including VMware Tanzu, Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, Amazon EKS-A, and Google Anthos.

Reduce Ongoing Operational Expense

VxRail customers report just 10 months to payback and 72% lower operational costs1. Removes the need to do in-house research and testing while simultaneously minimizing risk and operational costs.

Implement Intelligent Infrastructure

Reduce risk, plan ahead and improve productivity with integration to Dell Technologies’ strategic cloud based AIOps application, CloudIQ. Quickly pinpoint where you can improve performance, availability, and IT resource planning by identifying and assessing the impact of health issues for your Dell Technologies storage and HCI solutions all in one UI.

Backup and Recovery Included

RecoverPoint for VMs is included, providing simple, robust, and proven disaster recovery for VMware vSphere, protecting virtual machines at a granular level and ensuring business continuity.

Dell Technologies – Future-Proof Your IT

  • Flexible on-demand OPEX consumption with APEX Flex on Demand and APEX Datacenter Utility
  • Accelerated enterprise technology adoption with Dell ProDeploy Enterprise Suite
  • Comprehensive support for complex environments with Dell ProSupport Enterprise Suite and Optional Support Services for Enterprise
  • Maximize investments, safeguard the future and deliver guaranteed outcomes with Dell’s Future-Proof Program
  • Financing options with Dell Financial Services
  • Proven, tested solutions for Security and Data Protection
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