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Vikas Save


Vikas Save


The passionate tinkerer and a thorough tech-head, Vikas’ passion is evident through his words – “Nothing remains constant neither time nor technology, our biggest challenge as an organization is to give the optimal technological solutions to our customers and for our achievements to reflect that we have done so.”

Vikas is heading the Technology division for VDA IT Business. His responsibilities include the strategy planning for technology, cross technology integration, business innovation using futuristic technologies and technical stream & technology alliances in complex areas with industry verticals.

Vikas brings with him a rich industry and business experience along with depth of technology to VDA. His areas of expertise are process & technology integration, cloud computing as well as server and storage consolidation. He is also known to have strong expertise in Data Life Cycle Management

Prior to VDA he was not only one of the Founders but also in ESS & worked as the Director, wherein he headed the technical division and was in-charge of the third party products for the company.

Vikas done Diploma in Electronics and additionally has a lot of technical certification as part of his accomplishments.