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Ashutosh Deuskar


Ashutosh Deuskar


The Juggernaut supporting the company. His mission is to strive for the very best no matter the odds, and in his words – “Even beyond passion and planning, perseverance is the critical element that gets the winner to the finish line every time. Our single agenda is to deliver the best solutions to our customers every time”

Ashutosh along with Vikas & Deepak started VDA with one basic idea in mind – to build an organization with deep rooted commitment to values, with the firm belief that success in business is inevitable, and moreover, secondary, as long as one stays committed to providing the very best to their partners. Unflinching commitment to values always has been and continues to remain the core value of VDA.

Ashutosh strongly believes that ordinary people have the capability to do extraordinary things and that the key to unlocking this potential is creating highly focused and charged teams. He takes a very vested interest in developing teams and leaders.

He has an engineering degree from Amravati University and a post graduation degree in management from the esteemed Pune University. He has been in the Industry for the better part of over 3 decades and has experience in services, system Integration and sales.

Ashutosh’s key responsibility includes the Sales & Services for VDA and it’s principal alignments, customer engagements as well as handling large scale assignments.

Ashutosh brings a wealth of expertise to VDA, along with the ability to drive and support innovation, and a strong and proven track record of leadership. Ashutosh started his career with CMS Computers & continued there for 16 years. Over that period of time he found himself in various positions, allowing him a broader perspective than most on the situation and the ability to look at a problem from multiple points of view. Prior to VDA, he was a part of the management team and a director at ESS & multiplied the company turnover several-fold over a period of just 3 years.